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A survey by Rightmove says about 30% of tenants in the south-east were spending more than 50% of their take-home pay on rent.
The rental market was overheating as a third of tenants in the South-east and London were paying more than 50% of their take-home pay to landlords according to the property website Rightmove.
The average rents were continuing to spiral upwards as the monthly cost of




The rights of householders has come into focus once again when the debate about their rights has been reignited after the arrest of a ‘law abiding’ couple over the shooting of two alleged burglars.

The relatives and neighbours of Andy Ferrie, 35, and his wife Tracey, 43, the couple who were arrested, have said that the couple had been target of repeated raids at their isolated cottage.




Operation Mayapple which was launched to crack down on illegal staying students and other migrants in the UK beyond their permitted period has seen more than 2,000 overstayers living in London return to their native homes.
In May the operation was launched by the UK Border Agency as a campaign to tackle visa abuse.
Estimated two thirds were persuaded to leave voluntarily, with one third ha




The biggest fraudster who cheated taxpayer out of a total of £317,000 tops the list of 10 most creative benefit fraudsters who between them have defrauded the public purse off £1.8million a figure has revealed yesterday.

All the nine have cheated more than £100,000 each which the officials have vowed to claw back after their sentencing.

The individual is awaiting prosecution and




England and Wales has seen the lowest level of Bankruptcy with number of people who declared themselves bankrupt showing at its lowest since 2003. In the past year it had shown a drop of 27% as individuals with smaller debts opting for lower-cost debt relief orders, according to official figures.
Overall, insolvencies have dropped to a four-year low. There were 27,390 personal insolvencies in




In the past five years there was a trend where in cash incentives worth thousands of pounds were being offered to workers in return for swapping their final salary scheme to cut price plans which saved the employers huge sums in payouts.
But now the Department of Work and Pensions has introduced rules which would stop this practice of ditching their final salary pensions for cheaper alternativ




The Audit Commission, an independent watchdog on public spending said that the Government departments were not joining a fraud-busting initiative even after ministers had promised to clean up fraud in illegal benefit claims and other wastes of public money.
It claimed that the National Fraud Initiative had saved nearly £1bn of taxpayers' money from the time of its inception 16 years ago, and m




A draft defamation bill which was subject to close scrutiny in the last parliamentary session is now become a fully developed proposals before this years legislative agenda.
The Bill was aiming to abolish costly jury trials, curb online defamation, reduce 'libel tourism' and to protect responsible journalism.
The bill is to introduce a new notice and takedown procedure, reduce so-called "l




Communities minister Grant Shapps today said it will consider drawing a charter of requirements aimed at simplifying the private rented housing sector.
The document, intended for both landlords and tenants, could include legal fire safety standards and rules governing anti-social behaviour, MPs were told.
Liberal Democrat MP Adrian Sanders (Torbay), in a question to Mr Shapps, speaking in




Ambleside resident Shelby Halliday believes the 6,000 proposed new homes for the area give hope to hundreds of youngsters who want to live and work where they grew up.
The 16-year-old Lakes School pupil has written in support of South Lakeland District Council’s Land Allocations Document which sets out where new properties could be built in the district before 2025.
Miss Halliday said that