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A charter is being drawn where requirements of landlord and tenant would be simplified

Date: (8 May 2012)    |    

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Communities minister Grant Shapps today said it will consider drawing a charter of requirements aimed at simplifying the private rented housing sector.
The document, intended for both landlords and tenants, could include legal fire safety standards and rules governing anti-social behaviour, MPs were told.
Liberal Democrat MP Adrian Sanders (Torbay), in a question to Mr Shapps, speaking in the Commons, said that a way of reducing the regulatory burden on landlords but also improving the safety and security for tenants, would be to provide a central, standardized document.
Mr. Sanders said the document needed to contain responsibilities involving landlord and tenant from fire safety to anti-social behaviour.
He told Mr. Shapps that the planning system had benefited from a process of simplification whether it could be done with the private rented housing sector?’
To which Mr Shapps replied that he was pleased to report that standards were certainly improving in the private rented sector, satisfaction levels were higher than, for example, in the social sector, but he said the suggestion was good and he would certainly have a look at it.