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A teenager wants residents not to object to new affordable housing in South Lakeland

Date: (4 May 2012)    |    

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Ambleside resident Shelby Halliday believes the 6,000 proposed new homes for the area give hope to hundreds of youngsters who want to live and work where they grew up.
The 16-year-old Lakes School pupil has written in support of South Lakeland District Council’s Land Allocations Document which sets out where new properties could be built in the district before 2025.
Miss Halliday said that she had seen the objections people have made to affordable homes being built near to where they lived and they were just hurtful. She said objecting building of new homes because it would spoil the view was not fair; young people desperately need extra housing in this area.
She says that it was the only chance for young people who have grown up there to stay in the area where they grew.
The teenager, who lives in socially-rented housing with her family, including mum Heidi Halliday, a South Lakeland District councillor, explained the number of second and holiday homes in the Lake District have pushed property prices out of the reach of ordinary people.
She hopes her letter will be read by the government inspector in charge of deciding whether to give the Land Allocations Document the green light. Miss Halliday, who hopes to study for A-levels next year, said she was connected to the area, and her family was also there, but at the moment the choices facing young people here was to move out of the area and travel back every day for work, or leave altogether.
She hoped her letter helped to make a difference.
Along with her friends and Sister Zoe, Miss Halliday has been conducting litter picks around Waterhead to help improve the area.
She has also been attending meetings of the Lakes Parish Council to find out more about the issues facing Ambleside and Grasmere.
The teenager, who is considering a career in local politics, added that there was a stigma attached to living in affordable housing and people did not want this type of houses built near them. They considered young people were trouble-makers who hung around smoking and drinking which was not true.
She said the young cared about the area and its future, and that they wanted the opportunity to stay there.
The Land Allocations Document is part of South Lakeland District Council’s Local Development Framework.