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Government planning ad campaigns to deter Bulgarians and Romanians from flocking into Britain

Date: (29 January 2013)    |    

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It has being confirmed at the Downing Street that Ministers were making plans to deter Bulgarians and Romanians from coming into Britain so as to control UK immigration system following lifting of restrictions this year.
There has been predictions from various immigration campaigners that around 250,000 people from the two countries were expected to get into Britain in the next five years.
An official spokesman for the Prime Minister has said that Mr. David Cameron wanted to prevent potential damage to the UK labour market from being flooded with migrants. But at the same time he also said that Britain had to follow European Union rules on the right to free movement.
There had been reports that Government has plans to use an advertising campaign to highlight the pitfalls of life in the UK, including the bad weather.
Among other plans deportation of anyone failing to find work in three months of arriving is also being considered or they have to show that they could support themselves for six months.
Currently temporary restrictions are in place since 2005 limiting the rights of 29 million Bulgarian and Romanian citizens to live and work in other EU states which is going to expire in December.
This has led to campaign by migration watchdogs putting the Government under pressure to publish the estimates of expected immigration from the two countries.
With estimates going awry in the case of Poland the ministers are not making any formal predictions and have kept their fingers crossed.
The spokesman for the Prime Minster in his briefing to reporters had played down the idea of an ad campaign warning of low paid jobs and the British rain. But he confirmed that government was considering ideas to prevent a surge in UK immigration.
He added that any action to be taken would only be within the parameters of European legal framework
The National Institute for Economic and Social Research has been commissioned to look at the potential impacts of Bulgarian and Romanian immigration to the UK, he said.
Eric Prickles the Communities Secretary said though the influx would "cause problems" with services in housing, particularly in London, an assumption that 300,000 people would move to the UK was not reasonable.